I spent a portion of Sunday at Sea-Doo’s iControl Experience tour event in Florida, and I have to say it really is a great idea for anyone interested in trying out the new technology. As a journalist, I like to think my words can truly convey what I experience, or that pictures really are worth a thousand words, but the reality is that if you’re interested in a new model, there’s no better way to learn about it than a hands-on test drive. Especially with the new technologies Sea-Doo has brought to the table in the last few years, to truly judge whether it’s worth it — or just a match for you personally — you really need to experience it for yourself. So kudos to whoever at Sea-Doo agreed to foot the bill to take this traveling show on the road.

Sunday probably didn’t bring with it the ideal weather for a test drive. Winds were whipping up some serious chop in Tampa Bay. Still, interested buyers were showing up, getting on the water, and walking away with the souvenir t-shirt. It was a great day for suspension; with my two kids along for the ride, we powered over waves I would normally have backed down for, especially with young passengers. Organizers made the most of the braking situation as well. A stop sign awaited before you entered the demo area. I’ve noted before I’m a fan, not just for the emergency stopping abilities, but mainly for the incredible control it gives you around the dock or launch ramp.

I threw together a short video of the setup. I forgot my water housing, so unfortunately the camera stayed on shore during the actual test drive. I think it’s interesting, though, to hear Tim McKercher explain the process, and how Sea-Doo actively seeks out rider’s impressions of iControl.

Again, if you’re at all interested in buying one of the new models, or just curious about the new technologies, it’s worth heading out to one of these free demos. Here’s the remaining schedule on the tour.