One of the best parts of the convertible is the bridge.  Check out this visibility; it doesn't get any easier for navigating. And when you're ready to go, instruments are just a click away.

It's not a Viking yacht unless you are in one incredible engine room. Check out the room here! With me are two 1550 Mans, which crank this boat up to a top speed of 41.5 knots. Wow.
Viking powerboats are popular with fishermen around the world, and fans of the brand get really excited when a new model comes out, like this 55 convertible.

Anybody who's been fishing offshore knows that you get really hungry when you're out there, so Viking's setting you up. Check out this galley, it has every feature you would need. Microwave, pull-drawer fridge, and it's really close to the cockpit so you just walk from here and feed everyone out there. Keep fishing!

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Photo courtesy WhiteCap Video