Brighter colored Viking liferafts get you spotted faster.

Yellow?  Yeah, why not?  After extensive testing, Viking found their new fluorescent yellow  canopy color was easiest to spot in all weather conditions and at greater distances – and if you’ve ever climbed into a liferaft, you’ll know that getting spotted and rescued quickly is key. 

The Viking Rescue You line for yachts features rafts for 4,6,or 8 persons and comes in two models – Rescue You and Rescue You Pro which has some additional offshore features like an integral double inflatable floor to protect against hypothermia.  The high-visibility Norm EN471 color is certified for traffic visibility and the fluorescent yellow canopy provides an unmatched contrast to the greys and dark blues of the ocean. 
The RescueYou line of self-righting liferafts has some other updated features to increase comfort like a blue inner lining to calm and reduce seasickness.  Also, its curtained windows provide a 360-degree outlook without having to open the canopy.  There is also a new port for better cross-ventilation and a handle above the boarding ramp for easier boarding.
The rafts are equipped with two individual buoyancy chambers, each having sufficient buoyancy to carry the weight of the number of persons which the liferaft is designed to accommodate.

The Rescue You line is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9650 and is available with several different emergency packs. (E-Pack (USA), ISO Pack I, ISO Pack II, SOLAS B). 

Prices range depending on size so contact a Viking dealer near you.