I’m a big believer is stealth fishing and keeping your boat as quiet as possible when sneaking up on the fish, but boat camo never came to mind until I heard about Water Wraps. Just what the heck are these things? They’re a camo patterned “wrap” that’s based on underwater photography with a skyward focus, capturing a fish’s perspective of what things look like above. A picture:

water wraps waterwraps boat camo stealth fishing

Want to make your boat stealth? Check out Water Wraps boat camo.


Pretty nifty, eh? I haven’t tried this stuff out yet (it’s just being introduced at ICAST next week) so I can’t vouch for its longevity, quality, or even the realism. But on first glance it looks like a mighty cool idea. After all, we know for a fact that fish are scared off by sounds and vibrations, so it only makes sense that the appearance of our boats could spook ‘em, too.

They say that Water Wraps can be applied to nearly any printable surface, including fiberglass, plastic and metal, and that paint-based techniques can be used for curved, hard surfaces or soft, absorbent surfaces such as textiles. If so, it should have some other interesting angling applications, like camo-ing up waders used by river anglers, who know that spooky fish like trout are sometimes turned off at the sight of a wading angler. Will it work? I’ll look these guys up at the show and see if we can arrange a test, so stay tuned! In the mean time, you can check this stuff out at www.aquadesign.com.