Inflatable PFDs don't interfere with fishing.

Anglers are usually the ones boating on the margins of bad weather, and most of them don’t wear the most basic of protection. Don’t want it to get in the way, is the common refrain against wearing life jackets. Just get an inflatable, man, and be done with it.

Lenny Rudow has always advocated inflatable PFDs for his offshore trips. He prefers the fanny back style that goes around your waist. After spending two days wearing a horse-collar style inflatable while fishing for spring striped bass on the Chesapeake with Capt. Tom Hughes (pictured) for (shameless self promotion alert) my book project.

I didn’t notice it during hours of fly casting and after the last trip  I hopped onto the dock and started walking to the car forgetting I had it on. I’m investing in an automatic inflatable jacket like this SOSspenders or Mustang and keeping it with my fishing gear. It doesn’t make sense not to wear one.