Remember that Yamaha sweepstakes I mentioned a while back, the one that was intended to boost interest in Yamaha’s mobile phone services? Evidently it worked. According to an interview with Yamaha National Marketing Manager Bryan Seti in the recent edition of Mobile Marketer, the promotion brought 6,000 people onboard the program over a period of 10 weeks. Looking at the calendar, that’s 10 of the slowest weeks you’ll find for generating interest in a watersport.

According to Seti, the mobile field is becoming increasingly important to the brand. He reveals that Yamaha Watercraft eliminated traditional print and TV advertising altogether in 2009, relying only on Internet and mobile marketing to get the brand’s message to consumers. Still, Yamaha had the best-selling model in every one of its product lines — personal watercraft, 21′ boats, and 23′ boats.

Seti goes on to tell Mobile Marketer that the current boat show sweepstakes, which allows attendees to text in for a shot at prizes, has likely played a role in the company’s 2010 boat show sales, which are almost double that of a year ago. Regional SMS campaigns are also driving traffic to individual shows and dealer’s booths.

“Mobile allows you to instantly reach the consumer, targeted by area codes, with rich-media content on a device that is probably in their pocket or purse,” Seti tells Mobile Marketer.  ”There are no other marketing tools that can offer this combination.”