According to the results of a survey of personal watercraft (PWC) owners conducted by research firm MacKenzie Corporation, Yamaha WaveRunners are consumer’s top choice for reliability. MacKenzie looked at purchase drivers and owner experience with the top PWC brands.

Before I go any further here, it’s important to note that the study was in fact commissioned by Yamaha. That said, it was conducted independently by MacKenzie Corporation’s Consumer Research Division, in blind, anonymous fashion. MacKenzie has been in business since 1985, and is a reputable market research firm.

“We are committed to making products that are the easiest to own with the lowest required maintenance and highest standards of quality so that our customers can spend more time on the water enjoying these products,” said Scott Watkins, Product Manager for Yamaha’s WaterCraft Group.  “To achieve this, we never stop innovating.  We aim for making everything work faster, cleaner, quieter and more efficiently, to create a stronger product and a better experience for our customers.  This is the essence of what reliability means for Yamaha, and why it is so important to our brand and our customers.”

Like I said, I’m buying the results, but the news also doesn’t come as any real surprise. I think overall all four major OEM brands all extremely reliable in this era of the four-stroke. Yamaha, however, has long had a reputation for reliability, and I think it’s well warranted. The brand is the favorite of a majority of rental operators, and one of my favorites for long-term saltwater usage.

Kudos on the results.