The most-powerful engine ever offered in a Yamaha WaveRunner watercraft will arrive 2014, when a new “race ready” version of its 1.8-liter supercharged engine debuts in a number of two- and three-passenger models. Yamaha revealed the SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) engine in Mexico at its dealer meeting on Aug. 11.

yamaha svho waverunner

A Yamaha WaveRunner with 250 horsepower should really fly. This is the 2014 FZR model, which also features a new pump, ride plate, intake grate and sponsons.

Yamaha claims the engine will produce 20 percent more power and torque than its current SHO engine. Yamaha does not publish official horsepower figures for its marine engines, but we know that the SHO engine makes about 210 horsepower, which means the SVHO could be cranking out a little more than 250 horsepower.

The most significant change to the engine is a larger supercharger set up to deliver 60 percent more boost pressure through a new intercooler that Yamaha says is 25 percent more efficient. A new oil cooler is 110 percent more efficient, and the engine is fitted with forged pistons and an updated fuel injection system. To better harness this new power, Yamaha has designed a new 160mm jet pump, high-performance impeller and a new ride plate and top-loader intake grate.

supercharger in svho engine

A bigger supercharger, depicted here in red, pumps more air through the larger air-to-water intercooler to its left. The results is 20 percent more power and torque for some 2014 Yamaha WaveRunners.

The Yamaha SVHO engine and new pump will be the standard powertrain in the sporty WaveRunner FZR and FZS models, and will also be offered in two ultra versions of the big “family-performance” WaveRunner FX platform.

Yamaha also announced a big change to its entry-level VX line, which in 2014 will be constructed with the lightweight Yamaha NanoXcel composite material in the hull and deck, a change that will drop the weight of each model by 65 pounds, providing an instant performance boost and 23 percent better fuel economy, according to Yamaha.

I’ll be back in late September or October with a full ride report on each of the new Yamaha models. Yamaha says it will take a month to get the pre-production units back from Mexico.