When it rains, it pours.

Just almost exactly at the moment when much of the boating press will be assembled at an undisclosed location for Sea-Doo’s unveiling of its 2011 lineup, Yamaha has announced that it will be unveiling its own 2011 lineup of WaveRunners on the company’s website — www.yamaha-motor.com.

Yup, tune in to the Yamaha site at 12 noon PST on Thursday, August 27th, and you’ll see exactly what the manufacturer has in store for the coming model year. The unveiling will beat Sea-Doo to the punch by several days, as Sea-Doo’s information is embargoed until August 30th.

Just what will we see from the Japanese manufacturer? It’s anybody’s guess at this point, but as previously stated here, the hottest rumors of the moment continue to be a fun, inexpensive craft. Some have predicted the 1.8-liter engine will also find its way into the ever-popular VX line.

Personally, I’ll wait to see what shows up on the website Thursday afternoon. Should make for good conversation at that night’s dinner table…