Yamaha released the details of its 2011 line on the company’s own website Thursday afternoon, and the big news is a pair of craft — the VXR and VXS — that promise high-performance at a low price.

As some web observers had speculated, the craft take the VX hull, made with lightweight NanoXcel technology, and pair it with the 1.8-liter engine of the FZ line. The combo allows Yamaha to offer high-performance without superchargers or intercoolers, and keep the price below $11,000.

“We challenged ourselves to create a WaveRunner that could run out in front of the most high performance watercraft on the market, and to do it at a price thousands less than anything else,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha’s product development manager. “We achieved it by matching our 1812cc engine, the largest displacement in the industry, with a lightweight compact platform. By doing this, we didn’t need to rely on a supercharger or intercooler to meet the top end of our performance benchmarks, which helped keep the price low. And the performance continues to run laps around the competition.”

Here’s Watkins doing a video walk-around of the new models…