Dry bags aren’t new, but heavy duty, purpose-built dry bags sure are something to talk about.  Watershed out of North Carolina has just introduced its ZipDry® Largo Tote dry bag and computer carrying case for your laptop so you can go ashore with your electronic lifeline and rest assured it will get there dry and safe. 

The Watershed Largo Tote is a large, waterproof bag (approximately 18” x 18”) with a separate, lightly padded laptop case (roughly 14” square) for the interior. Once ashore, you can carry the laptop case separately from the dry bag. 

The laptop bag joins a full line of Watershed’s designer, military-grade dry bags, many shaped like duffels or backpacks.  The fabric is one of the keys to the product:  When left out, PVC becomes stiff when cold and wears out quickly in the sun. Watershed uses only chemically stable, UV resistant, polyurethane laminated nylon, featuring four times the abrasion resistance of PVC and flexibility at all temperatures. 

The ZipDry seal is the second secret to the Watershed technology.  Snap it shut like a freezer bag, and anything inside is protected - even underwater.   The ZipDry seal is so waterproof you decide when you close it whether you want to bleed the air out to make the bag smaller or keep some in to make the bag buoyant.  Watershed also provides you with a space age sunscreen/ lubricant to keep the seal tracks working properly.  The seal is so secure, it actually takes directions to show you how to open it. 

The Largo Tote has two carrying straps made of wide webbing and four D-ring type buckles that you can use to lash the bag to the dink in case you are expecting a rough landing in the surf.  It also has two side snaps which allow you to roll the bag down to a smaller size.  And the bags stay really dry since even the seams are welded together with radio frequency energy. 
The Largo Tote by Watershed retails for $89 and comes with a lifetime warranty against material defects and workmanship issues.