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Connect with boaters locally and regionally offers "For Sale By Owner" classified ad services for private sellers who want to sell their used boats online. It's fast, easy and your ad will connect with thousands of potential boat buyers in your area.


Unlimited Photos

show your boat on the water, in the harbor, detailed interiors... as many angles as you can think of to attract a boat shopper!

Ad Run

6 weeks to sell your boat online

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catch the eye of potential buyers looking for
used boats

Basic (2 weeks)$30

  • 1 Photo of your boat
  • Ad Run: 2 weeks

Boats for Sale By Owner Support

We're here Monday to Friday 9am - 5:30pm EST to help you list your boat for sale.


Premium (12 weeks)$120

  • Unlimited Photos
  • Ad Run: 12 weeks
  • Large Format Ad
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