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Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Parts, Press 3 for Service, Press 4 for Sales------------this just doesn't exist at Wichita Marine, AND never will. Wichita Marine IS real people helping real people in every aspect of their marine and boating business. Be it Sara, Walt, Tracy, Donna, Gary, Mike or Kip all will help you like you were their favorite grandchild, I guarantee it!! I have been doing business with Wichita Marine for over five years, have purchased four Alumacraft boats from Wichita Marine, and with their support and help have rebuilt an older "project" boat. They call me Mr. Alumacraft, my wife tells everyone I am a Naval Officer----but the bottom line is, you can call me Happy, Satisfied or Comfortable, mainly because of the Real People which ARE Wichita Marine. This is the first time I have ever endorsed a business, because this is the only business I have ever felt deserved my endorsement! There are many quality products (boats, engines, etc.)---there are not many Quality businesses comprised of ALL Quality people to help, assist and support your decision in your boating needs and wishes, Wichita Marine. Gary, Donna, Walt, Sara, Tracy, Mike and Kip are all Quality real people that will be the difference between you questioning if you should have ever considered a boat or you having a life long list of boating memories of which to reflect. Randy Tye----aka, Mr. Alumacraft, Naval Officer, Happy, Satisfied, Comfortable ****************************************************** Hello Walt, Great job on the repairs last year! We put on the boat on the lake yesterday and it ran perfect. The trim indication is no longer erratic, it was very smooth and accurate. The new carburetor and adjustments made a huge difference. Idle is now smooth instead of bobbling and the boat doesn't stall when I pull the throttle back too quickly. The boat is operating better than it ever has. Thank You, Toby Lukon
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