If you’re looking at modern center console boats or dual console runabouts, most over 21’ in length will have some sort of head compartment hidden away in a console. The advent of this design has been great for families that enjoy spending time together on the water, and allows many of us to extend our days on the boat. But all head consoles are not created equally. In fact, some are barely useable. That’s why we put together this short video, which points out some important features to look for in a console head compartment.

The head console is, of course, just one of the many features you’ll need to check out when choosing a new boat. That’s one of the reasons why boat shopping is usually a long-term endeavor. It often takes someone months, sometimes even a year or more, to find the boat that’s ideal for their uses. And naturally, when making a purchase this big you want to be 100-percent confident you’ve made the best choice. So as you look for your perfect boat, take advantage of the tips and tricks you’ll find in our Boat Buyer’s Guide. You’ll learn about all kinds of things here, ranging from what boats make our list of the Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, to Boat Financing 101.

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