Picking out a new boat is no easy task, and picking an outboard engine to go with that boat can be just as difficult. How much power is right for your needs? Is more power too much power? And, how will this decision impact you in the long term? In this quick Boating Tips video, we’ll nail down three important tips that will help you make the right choice, when deciding what size outboard engine to get.

What about choosing between the different brands? That can be a difficult judgment call, but the truth of the matter is that you only have a handful of choices and these days, all of the major manufacturers offer reliability that’s light-years ahead of where it was a couple of decades ago. And in many cases the boatbuilder has teamed up with one of the engine manufacturers, and if you want that specific brand of boat you may not have any other option, anyway.

Another decision you may need to grapple with is whether to get a two-stroke or a four-stroke outboard. Though the majority of the engines on the market today are four-strokes, there are still a couple of attractive two-stroke options. We examine the differences between each, in Boating Tips: Two-Stroke Outboards Versus Four-Stroke Outboards.

If you’re a serious buyer who needs to research some specific model outboards, be sure to visit our Engines & Parts reviews. Here, and on our News pages, you’ll find in-depth information on all sorts of outboard engines ranging from the diminutive Honda BF4 to the largest outboard engine in the world, the uber-powerful Seven Marine 627.