Ready to buy a boat? Use our easy boat loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments or calculate your total loan amount.
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*Estimated APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the annual cost of the loan, which includes other charges and fees. Actual rate and term can vary depending on credit history, collateral type, age of collateral, loan amount, loan term, loan to value, vessel registration type (LLC/Trust), state of residency and other criteria. Rates and terms may vary and are subject to change without notice. Credit score can vary depending on the credit reporting agency. Payment example: A $76,000 loan for the purchase of a recreational use vessel for 20 years with a fixed rate of 5.49% would have an estimated APR of 5.49% and 240 payments of $522.37.
How Our Boat Loan Calculator Works
This online calculator can estimate the monthly payments you will need to make based on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term you select. By inputting these figures into the calculator, you can get an accurate estimate of your boat loan payments, which can help you plan your budget and determine how much boat you can afford. By taking advantage of this tool, you can make an informed decision about your boat loan and ensure that you can comfortably afford your monthly payments.
What is the average boat loan interest rate?
Boat loan interest rates can vary widely depending on a variety of factors such as the borrower's credit history, the amount of the loan, the loan term, and the type and age of the boat being purchased. Current boat loan interest rates for well qualified borrowers start around 8.12% and go up from there.
How Boat Loans Work
Trident Funding is the preferred partner of for boat loans. They collaborate with leading marine lenders to provide you with the best boat financing options that suit your lifestyle and budget. If you’re ready to make an investment in a boat, here’s how boat loans work:
Estimate Your Boat Loan Payment
Are you planning to purchase a new or used boat and need to determine your affordability? Utilize the boat loan calculator from to assess how much boat you can afford. Simply enter the desired loan amount and loan terms to estimate your monthly payments or provide your preferred monthly payment to obtain the total loan amount you can afford.
Apply for a Loan
Now that you are ready to proceed with your boat purchase, it's time to submit your boat loan application! The process is simple - provide some information regarding the type of boat you are interested in purchasing, along with relevant financial details, and we will connect you with a suitable marine lender. Our goal is to ensure that you secure the right boat loan that meets your financial requirements and helps you make your dream of boat ownership a reality.
Get on the Water!
Once you have successfully submitted your boat loan application, the experienced team of loan officers at Trident Funding will take over. They will promptly begin reviewing your application and will provide a loan decision within 24-48 hours, or may request additional information if necessary. Once your boat loan is approved and funded, you are one step closer to cruising on the open waters!

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