Whether you’re buying, browsing or learning, a boat show is a great place to start. Boat shows give you a chance to see what’s new and keep current on the latest trends.

Of, course, it’s great fun to see the latest and greatest and to imagine which luxury cruiser you’ll climb aboard when your ship finally does come in…but there are plenty of practical reasons to buy a ticket as well.

If you’re new to boating there’s really no better place to educate yourself on the many options available so you can make a smart decision when you do buy.

Boat shows are great places to learn.
While the bulk of exhibitors at any boat show are manufacturers and dealers who are there to sell their wares, many non-profit and volunteer boating organizations also exhibit. From environmental to law enforcement to boating safety, these groups offer valuable information to both new and experienced boaters. Show producers themselves often sponsor seminars and hands-on demonstrations on topics ranging from fishing to navigation. It’s a great way to educate yourself on the many aspects of boating—and it’s all included in the cost of your ticket.

Boat shows are fun for the whole family.
Boating is a great family activity—and boat shows are exciting, family-oriented events that include plenty of fun for youngsters. Kids love exploring the new boats with their parents— climbing aboard, taking a seat at the helm and pretending to be captain of a great ship. Most shows also include kid-friendly exhibits such as trout fishing and feature kids’ play areas with games, contests and more to entertain the tadpole set.

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