Each boat is designed to an uncompromising set of specifications. The owner’s.

It’s no secret that Intrepid builds boats one at a time. After all, every customer is different and has their own set of specifications they want on their boat. And so it only makes sense to design boats this way. Which begs the question: Why are so many boats being built like this isn’t true? People are not all the same and neither are the things they want on their vessel. And when you design each boat this way, you are able to create ones that are truly one of a kind.

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When customers buy an Intrepid, they become part of a family. A family that works one-on-one with customers to learn what they want and hope for in their new Intrepid before it’s built. Suffice it to say, the experience is a highly collaborative one that customers are part of every step of the way as their dream boat becomes a reality. The end result is one that is unique and unlike any other. As is the legendary customer service Intrepid provides to each owner no matter how long they own an Intrepid.

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