Supreme ZS212

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It’s called the ZS212, but internally this 21-foot 2-inch boat is known as one of our Zeus boats. Named for the Z-shaped sheer line, we call them Zeus because you will feel like you are master of worlds when you launch off the powerful surf wave or wakeboard wakes of the Tapered-V hull. With extra strength from our Unibody Construction and powered by GM Marine, this boat embodies the mythical trinity of surf, wake, and ride. It’s like putting the power of a lightning bolt into your quiver. Unleash it and soar to new heights.

Tapered V Hull

The surfability of a Supreme begins at the water level with the modified deep-v hull design. The deep-v creates a smooth rough water ride with double the degree of V (20 degrees of deadrise) as competitors. The ‘modified’ piece of this design adds balance to the hull to guard against side-to-side weight shift negatively impacting the water behind the boat. Supreme ZS models expand the surfability of our modified deep-v hull with a tapered-v hull design that sits lower in the water towards the rear of the wakeboard boat when weighted, displacing more water with less weight to intensify the waves and wakes. Staggered Chine Stabilization (SCS) creates symmetrical waves and wakes. SCS is custom lifting rails on the starboard and port sides, staggered in their size and placement to balance the asymmetrical pitch of the boat due to the righthand drive configuration and natural prop rotation.


These water sports boats are designed and built to help you rule your surf wave like a titan! It starts at the water level with a modified deep-v created to displace more water with less ballast weight. Yet, the ZS212 is available with as much as 4900 pounds of ballast from the factory distributed evenly throughout the boat for a low bow rise smooth ride and to displace the entire running surface. This creates an extremely long wave with consistent push from face to curl. Whether you like to surf 20 feet behind the boat or right off the swim platform the Supreme ZS212 wave has a sweet spot just for you. The available QuickSurf System creates lift opposite the surf side, displacing the surf corner to form the wave. Thanks to the evenly distributed 6-position ballast and the high speed Lenco rams that power QuickSurf, that wave can be transferred or mirrored on the opposite side in 1.8 seconds. Also with Supreme, you are not locked in to one wave style. With the combination of the Stinger Wake Plate or the new Silent Stinger option, QuickSurf, 6-location ballast settings, and ZerOff Speed Control, you have unbelievable control over the height, length, and shape of the surf wave.

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Supreme ZS212 Specifications

Boat Details

Ski and Wakeboard Boat
21 ft 2 in
Hull Material


8 ft 6 in
Max Draft
3 ft
Dry Weight
5350 lb
Max Bridge Clearance
8 ft 8 in


Standard Engine

Number of Engines
Engine Type


Max Passengers


Fuel Tanks
70 gal

Other Details

Hull Shape
Modified Vee
Hull Warranty
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