A sure cure for soggy feet – check out DECKadence Marine Flooring (DMF).  DMF is a great product out of Brazil and it is the right combination of PVC, resin and aerated rubber designed to deliver comfort and durability.  No adhesives are required since it simply lays flat on just about any deck surface including fiberglass, steel, aluminum or wood.  It has great non-skid qualities, doesn’t heat up underfoot, provides extra cushioning for your back and feet and buffers noise and vibration.

DMF is very comfortable for bare feet or to sit or lay on and it cleans up like nothing I’ve ever seen.  No matter what mess you make, just lift it up and hose it off and watch the dirt drain out.  Despite its intricate weave, debris just washes off and it’s even fire retardant to a point as a lit cigarette dropped on it will not produce much damage.

Strangely, it feels dry even when wet since the fibers have a certain amount of height that cushion your feet above the water.  And since it drains and allows a lot of air to pass through, it doesn’t get soggy and it doesn’t mold or mildew like carpet.  It also protects the deck in case a winch handle goes flying in the cockpit.

DMF is extremely durable and comes in 5 colors including dark and light blue, grey, pearl and beige.  You can cut it with a knife and form your own shapes or have it cut and designed professionally with multiple colors from a designated DMF dealer such as a participating canvas shop.  You can even have your boat’s name cut into it as a design.  Best of all, it looks great and fits any shape.

DMF retails for approximately $30 per linear foot and comes in 4’ widths.  It carries a 3 year limited warranty.  DMF is available at Boaters World and Bass Pro Shops as well as via certain marine canvas providers.  For more information or to find dealers near you, visit www.marineflooring.net.