Are you thinking about buying a boat? Great news... as boaters ourselves, we highly recommend it! We've got lots of great reviews of new boats, but there are many things to consider before you choose a specific model.

boat buying choices and decisions

Out of all the options, which boat should you buy?

What do you want to do on your boat?

First off, what kind of boat do you want? Fishing, sailing, pontoon? Here are some posts that will help you choose. Bay Boat Battles: What Makes One Better Than Another Five Reasons You Should Own a Sailboat Saltwater Fishing Boats: 10 Things to Look For Once you decide on a boat type, we've got some great tips on Buying a Boat: Advice from the Experts

Boat Logistics to consider

Then there are some important factors to consider up front:

If you're shopping for a used boat, make sure to read Boat Buyers Beware: 10 Hidden Problems to Look For in Used Boats

Rent instead?

If you're not quite ready to buy, maybe renting makes sense this year. Read

Wow, that's a lot to absorb... and maybe we haven't even answered your burning boat buying question. Let us know in the comments below, and we will track down the information you need.

Written by: Carol Cronin
Carol Cronin has published several novels about the Olympics, sailing, hurricanes, time travel, and old schooners. She spends as much time on the water as possible, in a variety of boats, though most have sails.