Radar is an amazingly helpful gizmo to have on your boat. It lets you see farther than you can with the naked eye or even with binoculars; it lets you gaze right through rain and fog; and it lets you look out in the distance through the inky darkness of night. If, that is, you know how to use it. And let's face facts—it's much easier to put a radar on your boat than it is to learn how to effectively use it. If using your radar has you flummoxed, this video should help. In it, we'll give you three tips that make reconnoitering with radar a whole lot easier.

Like we said in the video—it's going to take more than a few tips for you to get completely comfortable with using your radar. So get some information that's significantly more in-depth; start off by reading Marine Electronics 101: How to Use Radar. Then, to learn more about some specific units and functions, check out these other articles: