You say you love the idea of joystick controls on a boat, you envy the guys with their big boats and joystick pod drives, and you wish you could have it in an outboard powered boat? Well, you can. Several joystick systems are now available for outboards. One is the Optimus system, and we ran across it while fishing on a Sportsman 312 center console rigged with a pair of 300 HP Yamaha outboards (You can learn more about this boat by watching Sportsman Open 312 Center Console: First Look Video). But, wait a sec—is docking an outboard boat with a joystick just as easy as it is with pods? Join us for this quick video, and learn how to dock a boat using the Optimus system.

As you saw, it really does make docking a piece of cake. If you want to dig deeper into joystick systems, how they work, and which works with what type of outboard, no worries. We've already done the research for you. Try reading: