Question: What does it mean that our YouTube channel just reached more than 5 million video views and topped 10,000 subscribers?

Answer: With more than 600 videos online, we can now start to call some of our longtime favorites “oldies but goodies.” (With props to Casey Casem!)


Searching for maintenance and how-to videos? Whatever the topic, chances are we've got you covered here on

Here’s a look at our five favorite maintenance videos so far:

1: Basic Boat Battery Battery Checkup and Maintenance

Where should you look for bulges? Can you add distilled water instead of tap water? Do you check positive or negative leads first? This video with Gary Reich explains seasonal tests to keep your boat batteries in tip-top shape.


2: Norfolk Marine Counter of Shame: Maintenance Mishaps senior editor Lenny Rudow visits the Norfolk Marine Center to see what caked-up, gunked-over, bashed-in engine parts the center’s service department has had to deal with recently. If you think your boat needs a little work, then seeing what other boaters have let happen will make you feel a whole lot better!

3: The Most Common Outboard Engine Issues: Fuel Systems and Flushing

Fuel systems are the stuff of headaches on waterways across America. Should you use a fuel-water separator filter? Drain the fuel system down? Our experts offer tips to keep your outboard engine running clean.

4: How to Restore Slightly Faded Gelcoat

Want your boat to be so shiny that it becomes a landmark on Google Earth? You need to remove the oxidation from your gelcoat, and this video shows you how.

5: ‪How to Change Engine Oil on Four-Stroke Outboards

Pop the latches, remove the hood and get the engine up to operating speed. You’ll then be ready to change the engine oil in your four-stroke outboard—but how? Watch this video to see an expert at work.






Written by: Kim Kavin
Kim Kavin is an award-winning writer, editor and photographer who specializes in marine travel. She is the author of 10 books including Dream Cruises: The Insider’s Guide to Private Yacht Vacations, and is editor of the online yacht vacation magazine