I'm on the road this week and conducting a seminar in Portland, Oregon for the ABYC addressing gasoline engines. During the class sessions we do sometimes compare and contrast gas vs. diesel and so on.

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love it when I find out about something new (to me) from someone attending one of my classes, and today Ruth turned me on to a home run resource that I hadn't heard of before but is apparently common knowledge here in the Pacific Northwest. So, I've got to share because this is really useful stuff. It's a website: www.boatdiesel.com and it really has use to many different boater types. The site has a forum for Q + A, a series of calculator functions to help determine correct propeller size and pitch based on your boat's actual specifications, horsepower requirement calculator to name several. the site also provides access to manuals, and articles specific to a variety of diesel engines.

The site provides a service, and access to specific areas of interest is  limited by a series of "membership" categories, from the recreational boater level right on up through super professional levels. But that said, even at the consumer level, which costs $25 per year, the amount of knowledge that can be gained is well worth the price. Check it out!