Your boat's Isinglass is like your car's windshield: if you can't see through it, you're going to hit something!


If you want to be able to see through your boat's Isinglass, the most important thing is maintaining it properly. Fortunately, we have Chris Breeden here, from Norfolk Marine, to help us figure out how to do just that.

Lenny: Chris, what's the number one thing about maintaining Isinglass?

Chris: Lenny, you never want to fold it. You always want to roll it from the bottom, up to the top. The next most important thing you want to do is clean the Isinglass. But not with this. Never use any ammonia based cleaning products.

Lenny: That's right, it'll turn Isinglass yellow and brittle.

Chris: Instead you want to use a plastic cleaner.

Lenny: Another important practice is to take it off completely during the winter months, roll it up, and store it at home.

Chris: And don't forget to put plain paper on the Isinglass, so it doesn't stick to itself.

Lenny: And of course you want to treat your canvass with a sealant so it doesn't leak.

Chris: Make sure you do so early in the morning so the water-proofer has time to dry. Even if dew was to get on it, that could ruin the finish.

Lenny: Take care of your Isinglass and canvass properly, and it'll last for years.

And now that you can see through your windshield, try not to hit anything, will you?