Different people have different opinions as to the best way to cleat a line—in fact, even the Navy and the Coast Guard have differing methods—but what really counts is that you make the line one hundred percent secure, and still make it easy to undo when the time comes.

The method we’ll talk about today is my favorite, and I absolutely guarantee that it won’t slip loose nor turn into a tangled mess.


Step I: Take a full wrap all the way around the base of the cleat.

Step II: Make two figure-eights across the top of the cleat, over either end of the horns.

Step III: Finish off the cleat by turning the line over in your hand, slipping it over the horn, and pulling it tight. This way the line pulls down on itself, become tighter when stressed. Make one of these super-wraps on either end of the horn.

Step IV: Sleep easy, knowing your boat is safe and sound.

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