If there's one knot you should know how to tie as a boater, especially if you plan on tying up your boat in a slip, it's the bowline. Considered essential for docking, towing, or sailing a boat, the bowline is a fiercely strong knot that's also easy to untie when the job is done. The knot is so handy you'll likely find many uses for it on land, too.

In this how-to video, we'll show you not only how to tie a bowline, but also demonstrate some uses for this handy "loop" knot. Watch the video, and then impress your fellow boaters with your new-found knot knowledge.


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Written by: Doug Logan
Doug Logan has been a senior editor of YachtWorld.com since 2010. He's a former editor-in-chief of Practical Sailor, managing editor and technical editor of Sailing World, webmaster for Sailing World and Cruising World, contributing editor to Powerboat Reports, and the editor of dozens of books about boats, boat gear, and the sea.