More and more players are getting into the LED game for boats. The reason is simple, the technology draws miniscule amounts of battery power compared to conventional incandescent or halogen bulbs. They also run much cooler, especially compared to halogen technology. So it makes sense to upgrade to LED's on your boat wherever you can. The list of OEM boat builders using this technology is growing every day and some of them are listed in the press release below. One vendor, InterCon Marketing just announced an updated website that'll make it easier for you to select the right LED replacement for your application. The press release is here:




        Fitting perfectly into a variety of existing lighting fixtures, energy-efficient Contoure LED Replacement Bulbs consume 90% less power and now it's even easier to upgrade.  Helping owners find the correct bulb for lamps already installed on their boats, Contoure Int. has set up a new, builder cross-reference section on the lights page of its website,

        Over the years, Contoure Int. has been providing lighting fixtures that have been installed on thousands of boats, such as Albemarle, Bayliner, Catalina, Four Winns, Hunter, Maxum, Meridian and Sea Ray.  Users just click on their brand and the site will pull up photos of the lamp, the builder's information and the supplier part number.  It also displays the standard incandescent bulb, as well as its energy-saving replacement LED bulb.

        With comparable wattage to 12V bulbs, the advanced LED Replacement Bulbs are shockproof and have no filaments to break.  Cost-effective, they provide 40,000 hours of service.  Generating little heat, the environmentally-friendly LEDs contain no mercury. 

        The convenient LED Replacement Bulbs from Contoure have suggested retail prices starting at $29.95. 

        Contact InterCon Marketing, 1540 Northgate Blvd., Sarasota, FL  34234.  941-355-4488.;

Switching to LED lighting is one of the easiest ways I know of for saving electrical power on board. The mentioned cross referenced list at the website will make getting the right bulb easy. Check it out.