If you need a primer on powerboat hull basics, you've landed in the right place. Hull designs are a vastly misunderstood boating topic, and many people use terms like "deep-V" and "semi-V" improperly. So let's set the record straight, and make sure everyone understands exactly what these terms mean. In this short video we'll tell you  the handling characteristics of each particular design, and show you examples of common designs like flat bottom, semi-V, deep-V, powercat, tri-hull, and rounded bilge boats.


Now that we've covered the basics, stay tuned. Next week is a fishing week (we'll talk about how to choose skirted offshore trolling lures) but the week after that we get back to boating tips in a discussion of stepped-bottom boats: how steps work, and what advantages and disadvantages you may see from adding steps into a boat's bottom.

Hungry for some more advanced boat design info? No problem. Check out these articles, which delve deep into the ins and outs of different designs and how they work—or why they don't.

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