Well I was wrong, the project non-skid / gelcoat repair project hit a speed bump yesterday and they are not ready to begin masking off the deck to begin the refinish process. The hold-up was the cockpit sole. Here it is again:

It turns out that when the original owner installed the carpeting in the cockpit, they used some adhesive that was nearly impossible to remove. The tan colored residue you see above was relatively easy to get out with liberal washing down with acetone and a lot of scrubbing. The dark grey streaks were a different compound and the acetone barely touched it. Vigorous scraping finally got it off, but the whole process took an entire afternoon. The sole now looks like this:

The glass man ran out of time yesterday and today he's coming back to sand the non-skid down to what will be its new surface in preperation for the re-coat. We'll follow-up after the weekend because it looks like they are going to need some extra time on this before any new surfaces are applied.