Today we completed the hands-on portion of the USA National Championship competition. The photo below shows one of the contestants totally engrossed in troubleshooting an electrical problem with a Suzuki outboard engine ignition component. Keep in mind that this was only one of 5 test stations as a part of the hands-on side of the competition. It was a long day as we had 27 finalists this year at the competition.


 One of the other stations in the competition had the contestants going through a predelivery inspection checklist on a new Cobalt bow rider. That's shown here:

So you may be asking yourself what's the boat tip here? That's an easy one for me to answer. These are the sort of young people we need to both foster and support in any way that we can. They represent the future of boat service at the highest level. Ask your boat service people if they have ever hired a Skills USA champion. That's today's tip. Again, if you are not familiar with Skills USA, go to to learn more.