Knowing how to tie a small set of basic knots is an essential skill set for every boater. While most know how to tie an overhand knot or maybe a bowline, not all know some other salty knots like "hitch" knots, which are handy for attaching items such as fenders or fender boards to your boat.

In this how-to video, we show how to tie two basic hitch knots--the clove hitch and rolling hitch. Watch this video and then show your crew how salty you are the next time you tie off your fenders to the boat:


Interested in learning how to tie additional knots? Read Knot Tying for Boaters: 5 Basic Knots.

Written by: Doug Logan
Doug Logan has been a senior editor of since 2010. He's a former editor-in-chief of Practical Sailor, managing editor and technical editor of Sailing World, webmaster for Sailing World and Cruising World, contributing editor to Powerboat Reports, and the editor of dozens of books about boats, boat gear, and the sea.