Happy New Year! We're 2/3 of the way through our 12 days of boating, and who doesn't prefer today's activity to watching maids a-milking? (To see what we've already covered to date, read our previous days of boating.).

The list is growing, so take a deep breath...

8 cruisers cruising

We've reviewed a lot of cruisers. Here's a sampling of 8, from left to right: Pershing 62, Azimut 55S, Carver C40, Monte Carlo M5, Marlow Mainship 32, Grand Banks Eastbay 50 SX, Princess V62, and Back Cove Downeast 37.


On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

8 cruisers cruising

7 fishheads fishing

6 Center Consoles

5 Mega Yachts

4 cuddy cabins
3 jet boats
2 motor yachts

...and a Pontoon in a Pear Tree.

Cruisers is a term that can be a bit confusing to search engines. Sailors call both themselves and their boats "cruisers." There's also a company named Cruisers Yachts. What we're talking about here are sometimes referred to as "power cruisers." They are generally crowd pleasers because most have room for comfortable overnighting, or day trips with lots of people. The larger ones even achieve "motor yacht" status, though it would be too big a stretch to call them "mega yachts."

As you can see from the 8 shown above, cruisers vary quite a bit in style and versatility. Newer models may have more room below than you expect, thanks to powering with pod drives.

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We'll be back tomorrow with a fresh new day of boating, and it's my favorite...

Editor's Note: Most of the holiday countdowns ended on December 25, but we chose to begin ours on that date in keeping with tradition. Stay tuned for more new and used boats to gawk at, ogle over, dream about—and maybe even buy. Because what better gifts could the wise men bring you than a platform for your next boating adventure?