One of the most expensive yachts in the world is the History Supreme—a $4.8 billion vessel made from gold and sold to a Malaysian businessman in 2011, according to Business Insider—but that’s wildly unattainable for even the super rich, including Hollywood’s yacht-loving elite. While this influential group’s superyachts might not be made of gold, they’re not too shabby either, packing everything from infinity pools to helipads. See for yourself as we tour some of the most A-list yachts out there.

most expensive celebrity yachts

Superyachts are just one of the many toys owned by these wealthy movie stars.


1. Diddy

Diddy (real name Sean Combs) lives large with his family and friends aboard the Oasis, which reportedly features a stage and dancer floor for, you know, when his famous music pals want to do some karaoke put on a concert. At 162 feet, it’s no wonder this superyacht needs a staff of at least 10 people to operate for a good time. Sure, the reported $72 million price tag may have been hard to swallow, but the rapper and mogul is doing just fine: In 2017, Diddy made an estimated $130 million, earning him the top spot on Forbes’ famed World's Highest-Paid Celebrities list. Get a good look at the Oasis—and all the fun Diddy has had on it! — in the video below.


2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

It should come as no surprise that Australia’s most famous and celebrated actress and country music singer have an impressive home on the sea. Indeed, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Sunseeker Manhattan 74—an expansive swimming deck, five cabins, and separate quarters for crew—offers the couple the perfect getaway from their routines in Hollywood, Nashville, and Sutton Forest, Australia. And though it’s reportedly worth an estimated $4.5 million, consider that Kidman has commanded $10-15 million a movie. Get a taste for the Sunseeker Manhattan 74 in the video below, and check out more Sunseeker Manhattan models here.


3. Diane von Furstenberg

You can credit Diane von Furstenberg every time you see a woman wearing the ubiquitous “wrap dress,” which has given the fashion designer not just icon status, but also the means to lead a life of luxury. She does it alongside celebrity pals aboard her and husband Barry Diller 305-foot Eos, which is celebrated as one largest private sailing yachts in the world and reportedly costs $200 million. Yes, it’s a sailing yacht, but this one features electronic sails, a jacuzzi, and a lush interior.

Wearing DVF with DVF 🌴

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Andy Cohen put it on display during a star-studded voyage to French Polynesia—one of’s top five celebrity yacht destinations—posting on Instagram a photo of both he and von Furstenberg smiling in what appears to be a living room on the yacht.

While you await your invitation to the next trip, get a close-up view of the design in the video below.


4. Johnny Depp and J.K. Rowling

What do Johnny Depp and J.K. Rowling have in common? A sprawling 156-foot yacht. Depp owned the yacht first, when it was named Vajoliroja, but sold it for about $27 million in late 2015 or early 2016, according to Variety. The new owner, believed to be a businessman, later sold it to Rowling, who renamed it Amphitrite and made it available for both purchase and charter (about $130,000 per week during high season) in March 2017. Rowling may have been a single mother living on welfare before her Harry Potter books became a cash cow of magical proportions, but she could live like a queen abroad the Amphitrite. Indeed, according to Variety, “the three-deck boat will comfortably accommodate 10 in four guest staterooms, all with postage stamp-sized en suite heads, plus a master stateroom with a dressing vestibule and a marble-accented bath.” Little Harry only could of dreamed of those accommodations when he was living in that cupboard under the stairs! Check out the decadent yacht in the video below.


5. Tiger Woods

When your life developments are splashed across the pages of tabloids, the thing you might want the most is some seclusion and solitude—which might explain why Tiger Woods reportedly had a $20-million yacht named Privacy. The 155-foot vessel, which the pro golfer reportedly put up for sale in 2001, features a gym, elevator, master suite, six staterooms, and a jacuzzi with enough room for eight people. That makes for one epic break from the golf course. Take a tour of Privacy in the video below.


6. Steven Spielberg

Jaws scared many a moviegoer from the sea, but its filmmaker has no qualms about hitting the open ocean—in a 282-foot mega yacht, of course. It reportedly wasn’t big enough for him, though. According to the Daily Mail, Spielberg purchased the movie-perfect Seven Seas for about $184 million and listed it for sale in 2015. “Steven didn’t realize how much he’d enjoy cruising the ocean,” a source reportedly told the British publication. “Now he’d like to spend more time exploring the seas, and bring a few friends along for the ride. So he’s upgrading to a bigger yacht.” But looking at the Seven Seas’—featuring seven suites, a helicopter pad, gym, spa, infinity pool, and movie screen—in the video below, it’s hard to see what else a director might need for a more picture-perfect vacation.


7. Bono and The Edge

It’s good to be a member of U2, specifically Bono and The Edge, who, according to Billboard, share the uber luxe Cyan. The guys don’t have to force a “Beautiful Day” on this 160-foot yacht featuring an “outdoor cinema screen,” plenty of toys for the water (“waverunners, wakeboards, inflatables”), six cabins for up to 12 guests, and a formal dining room, according to Burgess Yachts, which offers the yacht for charter. Yes, you too can sip rosé while soaking up the sun on the Cyan, which Bono has done in paparazzi photos, but it’ll cost you a cool $224,000 per week in high season and just $207,000 in low season. And if you want to buy your own? The Cyan was reportedly purchased for more than $14 million. See what you’d pay for in the video below.