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  1. On the Water / Resources

    Nautical Flags and their Meanings

    Kim Kavin
    Mar 18, 2019

    There are 26 international maritime signal flags, and each of these nautical flags have a different meaning depending on how it is being used. …Read More

  2. On the Water / News & Events

    Offshore Racing 2019: Birth Of A Circuit

    Matt Trulio
    Mar 8, 2019

    The APBA Offshore Championship Series is just around the corner—are you ready? …Read More

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  4. On the Water / Resources

    Ocean Pollution: Staying Green to Keep Our Oceans Blue

    Sofia Dacharry, Catherine Coleman and Nathaniel Derrenbacher
    Mar 1, 2019

    Whenever you're out on the water, here's a few things that every boater should know in order to stay green and keep our seas free of ocean pollution. …Read More

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  7. On the Water / Resources

    Boat Names

    Kim Kavin
    Feb 28, 2019

    Boat names say a lot about you, so choose wisely. From fishing boat names to the funniest boat names, here's some inspiration to spark your creativity. …Read More

  8. On the Water / News & Events

    Cigarette Boats' Tirranna, Fountain's 43NX Center Console and Others Steal the Show in Miami

    Matt Trulio
    Feb 22, 2019

    The annual Miami International Boat Show delivered exceptional high-performance boat hardware from manufacturers such as Cigarette, Donzi, Baja, Fountain, Outerlimits and many others. …Read More

  9. On the Water / News & Events

    2019 Miami Boat Show Guide

    Kim Kavin
    Feb 5, 2019

    The final countdown is on for the 2019 Miami International Boat Show, hosted Feb. 14-18—check out our preview guide to learn more about what you won't want to miss at this year's show. …Read More

  10. On the Water / Resources

    The Ultimate Boat Show Guide

    Lenny Rudow
    Feb 1, 2019

    Boat shows offer you the ability to see a slew of new model boats all at the same time, comparison shop, and make a seriously good deal. …Read More

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  12. On the Water / News & Events

    boot Dusseldorf: the Boat Show You Don't Want to Miss

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Feb 1, 2019

    When it comes to boat shows, there's one show that has everyone talking: boot Dusseldorf—and here's why... …Read More

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  14. On the Water / Resources

    Foiling Catamarans

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Jan 31, 2019

    When it comes to these foiling cats, sailing quickly becomes flying. …Read More

  15. On the Water / Resources

    Boat Sharing and Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals

    Lenny Rudow
    Jan 18, 2019

    Renting a boat, sharing boats, and peer to peer boating is easier than ever thanks to companies like Boatsetter, GetMyBoat, Click&Boat, and Samboat. …Read More

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