wetsuit on charter yacht TrustOne of the more memorable motoryachts that I toured at last week's industry-only charter show in Genoa, Italy, is the 147-foot Hakvoort Trust. She stands out in my mind for several reasons, not the least of which are the wetsuits that chief stewardess Rosa Rodrigo brought to my attention.

Many charter yachts keep life jackets in each of the guest cabins, usually in the closets. Typically, I take note of the life jacket's style. The nicer the yacht, the nicer the jacket tends to be, sometimes with built-in epirbs (locator beacons) and auto-inflating mechanisms.

The life jackets aboard Trust were nice enough, but what caught my attention was that they were stowed inside the guest cabin closets alongside wetsuits (in the bright-red bag in the photo at right). That's something I've never before seen, so I asked a few of the charter brokers on the boat if it was new to them, as well. To a person, they all said Trust was the first charter yacht they'd ever seen that provides emergency wetsuits for guests.

I asked Rodrigo whether Trust had plans to cruise in a cold-water location, and if perhaps that's why the wetsuits were there.

No, she told me, Trust will spend this summer in the Western Mediterranean and Croatia. Then she added: "If you have to jump overboard and wait an hour for rescue, believe me, the water gets cold even here. That is an extreme scenario, and we hope never to need the wetsuits, but we want the charter guests to know they are here."

I like the "safety first" approach, especially aboard a yacht that showed as nicely as Trust did at the Genoa show (and whose chef is quite good; I'll have a full interview and photos from my lunch posted for you on CharterWave soon).

Trust is part of the Ocean Independence charter fleet. She takes 10 guests at a lowest weekly base rate of €175,000. Any reputable charter broker can tell you more or help you book a week onboard.