EDGEWATER, MD. — The American Boat & Yacht Council of Edgewater, MD and the Center for Environmental Education and Research, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL today announced an agreement to mutually promote each organization's marine education, training and career awareness endeavors, as well as other areas of common interest.

Under the terms of the agreement, ABYC will assist CEERI with media/public relations support for the Boater101 educational program, and endorse the program in the states in which it has been implemented. CEERI has also agreed to endorse and promote the ABYC marine certification programs through their involvement with school systems.

Skip Burdon, President of ABYC said, "Our collaboration with CEERI will allow both organizations to jointly explore opportunities and potentially work together to develop youth-based educational, training and career awareness programs in support of the recreational marine industry." "Marine industry associations and organizations need to work together to enhance the image and job opportunities for our young people within our small industry," explained Burdon. "It's up to us to prove that the marine industry is a viable one with exciting and interesting career paths, and working with CEERI will be one way to promote the ABYC certification programs, as well as present the entire marine industry to our nation's youth," concluded Burdon.

Susan Engle, President of CEERI said, "Youth who are exposed to the marine industry during their formative years are more likely to become boaters as adults or choose a future career path within the marine industry." "Both CEERI and ABYC have a similar mission of increasing the awareness of the marine industry and boating safety through educational programming," continued Engle. "It is the synergy that led to the partnership of our organizations that will allow us to reach a greater audience and ultimately benefit the marine industry as a whole," concluded Engle.

The Center for Environmental Education and Research, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote boating, water safety, and environmental awareness to the public through educational programming. CEERI has been developing programs such as Boater101, the Clean Marina Program, and SWIM101 in an effort to expose communities, families, and students are exposed to positive aspects of the marine industry. To learn more about CEERI, or its programs, contact CEERI at (954) 730-6889 or visit www.CEERI.org.

ABYC has been developing, writing and updating the safety standards for boat building and repair in the United States for nearly 50 years. ABYC is actively involved with the International Organization for Standardization as well as certification programs for marine technicians. These standards are available on CD-ROM and in printed form. For more information on the ABYC CBBC program, you may call (410) 956-1050. Membership and general information can be requested by calling (410) 956-1050 or by visiting the ABYC Web Site at www.abycinc.org.