Albemarle 53 Boat Announced at FLIBS 2020

Albemarle 53 Boat Announced at FLIBS 2020. Rendering by Albemarle.

As Albermarle Boats finishes wrapping up construction of a 30 Express (that they’re looking to debut in winter 2020, very shortly) the builder has announced plans for their next project. And it’s a big one! In fact, they're planning to build the largest yacht the company has ever built in its entire 42-year history.

“Our boat owners over the years - many years now - owning our 36s and 41s, asking us when are you going to build my next boat - we need a bigger boat," says Albemarle General Manager Burch Perry, speaking yesterday at FLIBS 2020.

“As boat builder we always want to do something new and different and that’s exciting…the team spent countless hours talking about it - it’s a dream of ours”. And after years of dreaming about the project, the Albemarle team is ready to move forward. “This year we decided to do more than just talk about it, we decided to get into action. We knew this new boat has to be more than just a bigger boat.”

In order to achieve their vision, Albemarle also announced that they are partnering with Spencer Yachts . “Today I’m proud to announce a newly founded partnership between Albemarle Boats and Spencer Sportfish. Paul Spencer is truly one of the masters in the Custom Carolina boat building game. Proof of this is very evident. He has over 120 boats fishing all of the hot spots around the world and very frequently topping the leader boards in all pure billfish tournaments.”

At the FLIBS event, Perry welcomed Paul Spencer to come to the podium and introduce the project. “Like Albemarle Boats, the Spencer family has a long tradition of boat building - it’s truly a family affair there as well,” said Spencer. “I spent 25 years in the charter and sportfishing industry before I started building boats. I’ve always had a passion and a love for boats.”

“One of the issues we’ve run into is our boats are trending bigger and bigger, and we’re custom building boats…and it takes us a little time to build one from scratch. So we’ve kinda dreamed of the opportunity to partner with someone like Albemarle - who has a lot of experience in semi-production so we could build a product maybe a little faster, and deliver it to our people a little faster.”

The two boat builders then unveiled a rendering of their new 53-foot hull design with the mold currently being constructed in Edenton, North Carolina at Albemarle’s facility. Construction of the new boats will begin in early 2021.

Paul Spencer explained that the two builders wanted to target a boat that was a little smaller than the average size of boat that Spencer Yachts is currently building (65-75 feet), but larger than what Albemarle has been building. This new boat gives customers a more affordable sportish boat in this size range that they think is something the market really wants.

We look forward to seeing this boat soon, stay tuned for the first production images soon!

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Written by: Ryan McVinney
C. Ryan McVinney is a film director, writer and producer. As an experienced boater he regularly produces and directs on-the-water video shoots for major boat manufacturers, yacht brokers and dealers, as well as independent film and media companies. He is president of the National Soho House Film Club with chapters in Miami, FL, Manhattan, NY and Los Angeles, CA and regularly contributes content to YachtWorld, and Boat Trader.