aria-cabinNearly two years ago, I told you about Aqua, a 130-foot "river expedition vessel" that Edmiston and Company had just added to its charter fleet. Aqua is a boat unlike any other I've seen from the world's leading management companies, offering charters on the Peruvian Amazon for as many as 24 guests with 15 crew. That's one of the guest cabins in the photograph at right, shown with a view of the Amazon scenery through the large picture window.

Aqua was, at the time, a bold experiment. Aqua had previously offered cruise ship-style, by-the-cabin bookings and was trying to enter the proper charter market by taking whole-boat bookings instead. Now comes news from Edmiston that the experiment has apparently worked--so much so that the owner is building an even larger, more luxurious river expedition vessel to add to the Peruvian Amazon program.

Aria, as the new boat will be called, is scheduled to launch in April 2011, just before the dry season that typically runs from June through November. Edmiston says Aria will have even more cabins to accommodate a total of 32 guests, plus a crew of 24, four naturalist guides, a hot tub, a gymnasium, and larger guests salons than Aqua offers.

"Anyone frustrated with Aqua being booked should consider this boat for the same clients," Edmiston is telling international charter brokers. Aqua and Aria will follow similar itineraries but arrive in destinations on opposite days, to preserve the remote feeling of an Amazon charter experience.

Base rates to charter Aria beginning in 2011 are $73,500 for three nights, $98,000 for four nights, and $171,000 for seven nights.

Any reputable charter broker can tell you more or help you become one of the first clients aboard this interesting new charter boat.