There’s a cool breeze in the air and the sun is high is sky. Life just seems to be a little more relaxed and carefree—all of this can mean only one thing: Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. As the unofficial start to summer, you might begin to feel overwhelmed trying to figure out the perfect swimsuit for this season’s boat parties and seaside soirees. Don’t sweat it—here at, we’re happy to give you the lowdown on this summer’s top trends in swimwear so you have the perfect look to make a splash.

"Bold, bright and brand new" sums up this year's summer fashion trends for men's swimwear.



When you think “timeless”, think men’s swimwear. Beachy patterns, sunny pastels, and tropical prints are just as popular now as they’ve ever been, and going out of style seems unlikely. Although you can’t go wrong with those pink flamingo trunks, if you want to make a statement and get noticed during Memorial Day yacht festivities, go with something bold, bright, and brand new. Stay current with some of the latest trends.


If you want an upgrade from something mundane and monochromatic, a color-block bathing suit could be the way to go. Alternating colors in mens’ swimwear has been a cornerstone trend since the 1970’s, and duality in hue is enjoying a huge resurgence at the moment. The style’s aesthetic balance between simplicity and vibrance is sure to get you some compliments no matter where you go, so opting for this look for upcoming events is a safe bet for success.

Neon, Wacky Patterns

For a more adventurous use of colorful combinations, exude confidence and make mouths drop with all-over prints that are wacky and radiant. Bright patterns, neon shades, and retro designs are all the rage for mens’ bathing suits right now. Step out in a pair of these bad boys dockside and you’re bound to be the talk of the event. Moderation is key, though, so just make sure to pair them with a shirt that’s much more understated; there’s a very fine line between courageous and clashing here.


Four words: sky's out, thighs out. Gone are the days of loose swim trunks with cargo pockets that drop down past the knee (yikes). These days, modern cuts of bathing suits are increasingly allowing men to show a little more leg. The famous Chubbies brand has popularized the look, and many others in mens’ fashion have joined the movement. This Memorial Day, free yourself from discomfort and constraint and show off some thigh with a shorter swimsuit. After all, it’s power moves only during boat party season.

Ladies, you can't go wrong with a high-waist, vintage floral print for summer splashing.



Whatever you’re wearing, the waist has to be high. We know it’s not the 80’s, but rocking it has never felt more right. Lately we’ve seen late 80’s / early 90’s fashion trends coming back into style, especially with crowds under 30. These refurbished styles extract the charm from the tackiness of the era, redefining you and your wardrobe. Be the captain, take the helm, and push this fierce look into overdrive.


Flowers are everlasting, and giving this look a modern twist is nothing less than sexy. Incorporating minimal tones, such as light beige or black, brings out an undiscovered, sleek element about what it means to go floral. Heads are bound to turn when you rock this look (and the yacht) this weekend.


Modern vintage is set to define fashion into the 2020’s, and it’s roaring louder than the cigarette boat passing by. Going beyond the pattern, these swimsuits look and feel old fashioned. However, small nuances give the style present-day momentum, bringing the vibe into the 21st century with class.