No matter the occasion, entertaining with a lineup of boat games is a sure win over the crowd. From in-water games and watersports to games on deck; from powerboats and megayachts to commercial line cruises; your team at has got you covered with so many ways to stay entertained.

Have your friends dive into the action by testing out their skills at a few different watersports.

Splashing about, in-water games and sports

Hosting a boat-warming party on your favorite lake? Inviting the various people from the different parts of your life can be nerve-racking to say the least, but with these water sports, you won’t just break the ice, you’ll shatter it! By the end of day, friendships will bloom and new memories will be made—even if everyone already knows each other.

For a simple set of watersports—snag some cables, skis, and a body board; and you’ve got yourself the quite the variety. You and your guests could go...

  • Barefoot Skiing: water skiing without skis

  • Waterskiing: using skis to slide over the water, while being pulled by a boat

  • Wakeboarding: essentially water skiing, but you attach a single board to the feet instead of using skis—need something more challenging? Try wakeskating, where the board is not attached to the feet

  • Wakesurfing: using a specialized wake surf board, you and your friends surf behind the boat using the wake

You can dive in deeper to learn more about all these activities in our feature, Watersports: All Things Towable. Now, if you're looking for something a little less of the amateur water Olympics and something a bit more traditional, yet funky? We've got you covered for that, too.

Beer pong (...err in this case, water pong) is always a crowd favorite. Use normal cups and a solid table, or upgrade to an inflatable board and play in the water.

Check out these party staples and their on-the-water upgrades!

  • Water Pong: It's 2019, and just about anything goes, like playing beer pong on-the-water. Literally. In just a few quick clicks, you can find these floatation devices just about everywhere online. You get to tan, enjoy the water and play beer pong. BONUS, you don’t have to chase the pesky ball across the floor if you miss the cup, it’ll just float beside ya!

  • Sip, Sip, Shot: You and your friends will need to stand in shallower water for this one. Much like Duck, Duck, Goose, only with alcohol, first person up goes around the circle bopping each person until one is designated to take a shot. If the chosen one does not succeed in catching the bopper, then they must take the shot and continue the vicious cycle. Get ready for a workout, running in water ain’t easy.

Cruise ships are massive, like really massive. So a lively game of "Where on the Ship?" or a classic scavenger hunt can keep your party people busy for hours.

Boating or cruising, games to play on deck

Whether you’re enjoying warm weather with friends/family on your powerboat, or you’re escaping the frigid temperatures with a cruise through the Bahamas, these on-board games will have everyone giddy with joy. From family-friendly fun to raunchy, rowdy excitement—these activities will bring out the kidult in all participants.

Where on the Ship?

This guessing game of the digital age will be sure to make the entire group antsy!

How to play: Rock, Paper, Scissors, draw sticks, flip a coin, however you decide you goes first – the first person up ventures off on their own, leaving the group. Once he/she has found their spot of choice, he/she takes a selfie with a clue to where they are located on the yacht or cruise ship. Sending the photo to the rest of group, it’s now every man for himself, as the first person to guess the location correctly wins and its now his/her turn! A bonus to the bell laughs this game stirs, your group is left with a batch of photo memories!

Find Someone Who...?

Bingo with a twist, this first day of school ice breaker will be sure to bring out the inner kid in everyone!

How to play: Creating a BINGO card replica, where numbers are replaced with a trait in each box – i.e. someone who looks like they’ve drank too much, someone who is on their first cruise/boat, etc. Each person you find, have them sign off on the square they fulfill – first person to fill every box first, WINS. To kick it up a notch, instead of having each participant sign off on the square, try to snag a selfie with them for bonus points.

Scavenger Hunt

This classic, group staple is a must for anyone going on a large ship. Open to customization, this game can be made as G-rated as necessary for families with children, and as R-rated as desired by a raunchy group of friends.

Everyone knows how to do a scavenger hunt, so need for a how-to-play breakdown—instead here is a list of ideas or themes to center your game around. For a G-rated, family friendly game, try finding an item for every letter of the alphabet or a holiday themed hunt (i.e. Christmas, New Year’s, Spring Break). Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party, a group of Spring Breakers, or simply a rowdy crew of BFFS—get creative and fun with your scavenger hunt, in other words make people do things they normally wouldn’t do on dry land. Some examples: gather as many pairs of shoes as possible, get a kiss from a senior citizen, dance with the cruise director, convince a man to wear lipstick, etc. – Just remember to collect all the physical items you can, and to get photo/video evidence of all other activities.

Maritime Superlatives

Looking for an excuse to act silly and show off some of your prized or embarrassing attributes? Size doesn’t matter here, from personal boats to cruise ships, this game of superlatives can be played anywhere, anytime, with anyone! It’s just more fun on the water.

How to play: Create categories for everyone to participate in, from knobby knees to hairiest chest – from best dive to biggest belly-flop, this game is a game for all body types and every level of athleticism or the lack thereof. The person to receive the loudest crowd applause, wins.

Battle of the Sexes

While the board game is fun, nothing beats watching or participating in a live-action game between genders.

How to play: dividing into two teams, all-male and all-female, each team must complete a series of challenges before the time runs out. From a relay race of passing pens between butt cheeks to popping balloons without hands or feet, it’s a spectacle for everyone. Be sure you have your cell phones handy for this one.

Maybe not as exciting and captivating as some of the other boat games we've explored, a good 'ole deck of cards can always serve as a fun way to wind down your night.

Extra games to keep the party going

What are you still doing here? Go on and get… You’ve got a boat-party to plan, people to host and games to be played! And if you still need a few more ideas to keep your friends entertained, give these a try...

  • Karaoke, where it doesn’t matter who has the best sounding voice, whoever is the most entertaining is the true winner.

  • Life-size JENGA or Action JENGA, where each block requires the player in possession to do/say something (i.e. take off their shirt, take off the shirt of someone else, kiss the person to your left, etc.).

  • Okay, we know we said to ditch the cards and board games, but they’re still fun if you play them with a twist!

    • Drinking card games, from Kings to Texas Hold’em to Gin Rummy

    • Drinking board games, like Monopoly but every time you land on one of the four corner pieces—Pass Go, Jailhouse, Free Parking, Go to Jail—you have to take a shot—how good are your negotiation skills now?