The team at Boat Trader, America’s largest boating marketplace, was determined to find out what is truly the country’s favorite boat brand. Inspired by the postseason college basketball format, they compiled a field of 64 brands and pitted them against each other in a winner-take-all tournament voted on by the public. They determined the seeding of the brands by looking at the most viewed listings on Boat Trader so far this year.

After weeks of voting on Boat Trader's Facebook Page, America has now crowned its champion...

MIAMI, Fl., April 3, 2018, Boat Trader's Waterblogged—The people have spoken and (16) Bertram is the champion of the inaugural #BoatingMadness bracket challenge. This was one of the closest results of the entire tournament, with more than 1,000 votes cast. The Facebook vote was a dead heat as we left the office last night, but Bertram pulled away in the closing hours.

One of the most recognizable brands among boaters, Bertram can now call itself America’s Favorite. As a 16-seed, Bertram ranked between 61 and 64 in overall Boat Trader listing detail page views, and was an underdog in each matchup throughout the tournament. No stranger to competition, Bertram took down all that stood in its way: (1) Chaparral in the first round, (9) Monterey in round two, (4) Regal in the sweet sixteen, (7) Scout in the elite eight, (9) Hatteras in the Floating Four and finally (16) Viking.

Competition is where Bertram began—Richard Bertram was an accomplished racer in sailing long before building boats of his own. When an annual powerboat race existed between Miami and Nassau, Bertram’s entries dominated the competition. His first generation deep-v “Moppie” design finished hours before the runner-up in 1960.

Congratulations to Bertram! Click here to take a look at the final bracket. And don't forget to check our Bertram and Viking listings right here on

Editor's Note: This article originally published in February 2018 and was updated in April 2018.