Want to buy a boat but need financing? Want to refinance your current boat loan? Check out BoatsBank, boats.com’s recently expanded consumer boat loan finance service. Boat owners and buyers can apply online for new or refinanced loans at competitive rates. A handy loan calculator quickly figures out what your monthly payments will be.

Need some help before you set sail? BoatsBank offers financing and refinancing for boat owners and buyers.


"We're excited to relaunch the BoatsBank loan application service to consumers in the U.S.,” said Sonya Schweitzer, the business development director of boats.com. “The revised and expanded application service will offer consumers a safe and improved user experience, together with a faster response on all applications."

Safety and security of consumer information are of primary importance, and BoatsBank meets or exceeds all of the federal and state requirements. Other key features for consumers include the ability to compare loans and to apply for an individual or joint applicant loan. Title and Coast Guard documentation services are also available. Best of all, BoatsBank is secure, easy to navigate, and offers step by step instructions on how to apply.

So if you’re ready to buy one of the 475,000 boats for sale on boats.com but need a bit of help with the payments, visit BoatsBank. And then get ready to get out on the water.