Lake Forest, IL: has announced the expansion of Callbutton Marine™ and boatscalling™ - an innovative suite of telephone call tracking services. Now, the service facilitates the handoff of leads from boat builders to their dealers. Using these services identifies builder generated calls and delivers them to the appropriate dealer. Because the system was designed for boat builders, dealers, and brokers all parties have visibility to critical details like missed calls, caller contact data, and, where applicable, boat buying history.

"Knowing which magazine and advertisement generated a lead is very important but capturing the leads in a meaningful manner enables pro-active marketing, which is just as important" said Paul Rabe, President, CEO and co-founder,, Inc in making the announcement "Not only can a builder who uses this service judge the effectiveness of different media buys it also allows them and their dealers to focus on lead management. Take the following 3 areas for example, (1) how quickly and efficiently does a particular dealership follow up on the leads generated (2) how does that dealer's ability to follow up compare to any or all other dealers and (3) how does that dealers lead conversion to sales ratio compare with others?. Builders and dealers who make use of that type of information on a regular basis clearly have an advantage over competitors who do not"

The services provided by Callbutton Marine include the ability to add Callbuttons (icons placed on web sites or in emails that support HTML) into their listings or web pages. A person clicking the Callbutton will be asked for their contact information including name and phone number and within seconds their phone will ring, connecting them with the person who can answer their questions. Because Callbuttons can be assigned to locations or an individual the customer is always assured that they will be connected directly to the right person.

Boatscalling™ provides any number of unique toll-free numbers so that individual numbers can be placed in specific print advertisements. Calls are routed to a dealer's or a business's existing phone number. By placing a unique number in each advertisement a business can track, through boatscalling's comprehensive reporting, which advertisements are generating responses. In addition, it is possible to track the time of the call, location of callers by zip code, number of missed calls and even record calls for training and quality control.

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