We’ve brought you “boozy brunch” tips, offered proper cigar-spirit pairings, and now we have you covered on nearly everything you could possibly think of for your next party on a boat—hey, what’s a life without a little bit of indulgence, anyway? Whether you recently bought a boat and want to deck it out before throwing your first party, or you're looking to make enhancements to your current prized vessel, we have just the things you need. From mini fridges and portable ice makers to luxury host stations and draft beer on tap, you’ll be sure to impress everyone on board—even the ones who don’t drink.

essentials for your onboard bar

Is your onboard bar ready for your next party? Let's find out...

Storage is key

Entertaining guests from your boat is all fun and games, until people start fighting over counter space to set down their bottles and red cups. Avoid the drama and the clutter with this storage station and wet bar from Boat Outfitters. The luxury host station provides the necessary space for drinks, paper towels, silverware and whatever else your heart so desires. Plus having a sink opens endless doors of opportunity—like our next essential.

Keg, Keg, KEG!

Whether you’re looking to reminisce on your college keg party days with some old friends or simply want to enjoy a draft beer from the comfort of your own space, this portable keg from Growler Werks brings bar quality draft beer to you and your guests (sure, we know some of your friends may not even be huge fans of beer, but they'll want to try it simply because it's cool!)

Now if this doesn't look like the perfect set up for a boat party, then we know don't what does. Photo Courtesy: Docktail® Bar.

Docktails on Deck

With these attachable and affordable Docktail bar and accessories, you can impress both your guests and your pockets. Another plus, is that most of these products are completely portable so you can bring it out whenever necessary—or maybe even take it with you to your friend’s boat party, who typically seems ill-prepared (it’s okay, we all have that one friend, we can’t all be loyal readers of boats.com). You can continue to add counter space and luxe with this add-on bar option from Boat Outfitters. Installed right on your deck, it pairs beautifully with the storage station mentioned above—better than Peanut Butter & Jelly...well, almost.

If your boat has a build-in wet bar, you're one of the lucky ones. If not, make do without one! Photo Courtesy: WOW Sports.

Above and beyond

So, now that you’ve got your basics covered, we know you’re not one to settle. Looking for that extra pizzazz to really leave your guests in shock and awe? From mini-fridges to portable ice makers, look to add some additional appliances that complete your onboard bar. These stainless-steel cup drink holders from Hoffen add a little lavish finish to your boat. Geared with a drain at the bottom of each, you’ll protect your cherished watercraft from all party guests. Let’s face it, adults can be worse than children when it comes to parties—especially when alcohol is involved.

Another surprise amenity for your party-goers is this inflatable floating island table from WOW Sports. It comes complete with attached seating for up to four people and a little surprise drink cooler in the center of the table—come on, can you think of anything better? Cause we can! Lights synced to the music, but that’s if you’re feeling adventurous and have some money to burn—so, we can save that for another time...

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