In the video above you can watch the first episodes of the FACTORY FRIDAYS videos series by, where we visit the town of Largo on Florida’s West Coast to explore the 7.5 acre Intrepid Powerboats facility and enter a unique world of collaborative design, precision construction and customization.

Host Marilyn DeMartini meets up with company president Ken Clinton to discuss how the builder has perfected the research and design process over 30 years in business and introduce their one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time approach to customer service.

FACTORY FRIDAYS is a video series that visits boat builders across the country, bringing viewers a firsthand look at modern boat building techniques, facilities and traditions. From innovative marine propulsion systems and cutting-edge onboard technology, to the advanced physics of computerized hull design, the world’s greatest boat builders share their fascinating stories and unique approaches to constructing and engineering some of the most exciting vessels on the market today.

Viewers get a peak into how one of the best boat brands in the boating world today creates their advanced stepped hulls with wood-free, vacuum-bagged PVC foam hulls rather than the Styrofoam™ used by many other manufacturers. The company has pioneered an exclusive combination of knitted, uni- and multidirectional laminates to attain high levels of strength and rigidity, while shedding performance-robbing weight.

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