Fishing is more than a mere hobby, it's a way of life. If you don't believe me, just ask my wife. And then duck.

This being the case, fishing invades nearly every aspect of our lives. We decorate our walls with fish art, we wear clothes with jumping fish prints, and we put silly bumper-stickers on our land vehicles which say things  like "I'm a Hooker," or "Land Sucks". When we can't go fishing, we prep our gear, dream of the next time we can shove off the dock, and sometimes we even play fishing games. Ahh, but which games to play? Here's a the most popular, my personal favorite, and a new one to try out.

flick fishing

Fishing from your iPhone? Why not?


The Popularity Contest: Flick Fishing wins, hands-down. It's so darn popular that over two million people have downloaded the pay-for version - and there's a free version, too. Flick Fishing is just what it sounds like; you flick your iOS device to cast, move it to reel, and hold it as you would a rod while cranking in the fish. Each species has its own favorite baits and lures, you have to spot fish-looking locations to be successful, and if you yank too hard on the rod you'll snap your line.

My Fav: Bass Monopoly. This fishing version of the classic games has familiar properties (Boardwalk is the Bassmaster Classic), game pieces are rods, boats, and lures, and when you draw a Chance card, your boat might break down. This one's been great fun with the entire family, for many years. Unfortunately, it's not currently in production. You can find it used, however, on e-bay and Amazon.

fishing games

Kids should enjoy Fish Camp, a fishing trivia game.

The Newbie: Fishing Camp, a trivia-based board game. Question cards have four different levels of difficulty, and if you answer correctly, your game piece moves forward. Unlike some games it was easy to figure out how to play, and with a 20-minute game-time, the simplicity didn't become boring. But the difficulty level of the questions seemed a bit arbitrary; some of the level four questions were way too easy and some could only be answered by an ichthyologist, while the level one and two questions were so easy even I could answer them. I'd save this one for little fishermen in training, since kids under eight or nine should find it entertaining.

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