If you do a lot of fishing, then you've surely seen some strange things—people using chicken liver for baitAsian carp hunting, or deploying their lines with a radio-controlled mini-boat, for example. Now, just imagine if you could look into every tacklebox in America. Think you’d find some wacky tackle? You bet—here are a few of the highlights I've noticed through the years.

fishing boat

Does a 12" long boat count as fishing tackle? In the case of the Aviva Fishing Buddy, yes.


1. The Aviva Fishing Buddy
Yes, this is one of those remote-controlled boats—but you don’t use it to deploy your line. Instead, the Aviva comes with clip-on rigs which you actually fish with, directly from the boat. Bait it up, send it where you think the fish are, and when a fish starts yanking nail the throttle—but pray nothing bigger than a bluegill eats your bait, because the Aviva has about one thousandth of a horsepower and struggles against pint-sized panfish.

big bobber

Now, that is one BIG bobber, and an excellent piece of wacky tackle.

2. The Big Bobber
People have been fishing with bobbers as long as people have been fishing. But, what are you supposed to do when the quarry is Shamu, and the bait is a whole leopard seal? Why, get the Big Bobber, of course! Yes, they do sell this as a novelty cooler. Sure, it costs close to $40 bucks. But it’s worth having, simply so you can truthfully claim to have the biggest dang bobber on the lake.

beer can lure

Any fish dumb enough to eat this deserves to get filleted.

3. Beer Can Lures – There are plenty of novelty lures out there, and one of the most famous is the beer can lure. You can get it in Bud, Bud light, Coors, Bush, and pretty much whatever flavor you happen to enjoy. Heck, there’s even a Pepsi can lure for you teetoters. Do these things catch fish? Occasionally. Unfortunately, when they do it only goes to show you just how stupid fish can be, and just how stupid we anglers must therefore be when we can’t manage to catch any of them. Purely as a matter of ego, I suggest leaving this one on the mantle instead of in the tacklebox.