There are a million tactics and techniques used for bass fishing, ranging from topwater (we love the "Walk-The-Dog” method) to fishing with blade-baits, to casting plastic worms. There’s just one problem: they all require a certain amount of experience and skill. Not just in order to effectively apply them, but also to know when and where to apply them. For someone new to fishing, there’s an awful lot to learn before they’ll be successful with advanced techniques. So, what about the down-to-earth anglers, who just want to go out and catch some bass right off the bat? They need a real KISS method of bass fishing. A super-simple, basic, easy to master technique that, while it may not be the most effective in the world, produces fish time and time again in a wide variety of circumstances. Well, here you go: a 60-second primer on a KISS bass fishing technique that works, period.